Weather and Story was born out of an appreciation for hard work and good stories.  Our goods are made to be loyal companions through many years, seasons, and stories.  Using quality products and ethical sourcing, our pieces can be carried proudly.  They will take on the stories of those they       travel with.  They will weather storms and have the scars to prove it.  They will preserve memories.  We hope they will encourage you to remember the importance of your story, and inspire you to engage in the stories of those around you.

When you shop with Weather and Story, a portion of the money you spend goes toward partnering with local organizations to meet specific needs we see in our Austin, Texas community.  We invite you to be a part of changing the story for folks here in Austin, and we hope you are inspired to do the same in your own community. Check out our Community page for more information on the orgs we are currently partnering with.  We believe communities thrive when they care to invest and engage in each other’s stories. 

Grab some leather goods, grab your friends, and go expand your stories, whether across the street or across the ocean!  Take photos and document the adventures that your piece accompanies you on, then come back HERE and tell us all about it!